Boise Image Named 2022 Best of Boise for Cosmetic Medicine​

On July 28 2022, Boise Image Enhancement Centre proudly accepted the title of Best of Boise 2022 in Cosmetic Medicine from the Boise Weekly and Idaho Press. The Best of Boise Awards is a yearly, nomination-only competition featuring some of the most prestigious organizations in the Treasure Valley. With tens of thousands of voters each year, … Read more

Masseter Botox: Botox for TMJ, Botox for Migraines, Info, Cost​


Masseter Botox: Botox for TMJ, Botox Jaw Injections, Info, Cost Botox isn’t just for looks. Masseter botox injected directly into the jaw muscles relieves TMJ pain and jaw-clenching symptoms. Using botox for TMJ pain and teeth-clenching can be a safe and effective treatment for many that provides stable relief. Stay tuned until the end of … Read more

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