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Body injections are one of the most cutting-edge techniques in aesthetic medicine. When used correctly, dermal fillers augment, enhance, and sculpt the body without surgery. At Boise Image, our staff are not just experts but pioneers in body injections, including buttocks injections (butt fillers), hip fillers (hip dip injections), and augmenting muscle.

Body Filler Injections

Body injections are specialized dermal filler procedures that use FDA-approved fillers to augment areas of the body without the need for surgery. These kinds of body fillers can greatly enhance the appearance of the body, including:

  • Lifting and shaping the buttocks
  • Rounding out hip dips and other unwanted “sunken in” areas of the body
  • Smoothing dents created by cellulite
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of muscles (such as biceps, triceps, and shoulders)
  • + So much more.

Body fillers first became popular with the non-surgical butt lift. Well known as an alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), this procedure uses collagen-building fillers such as Radiesse® or Sculptra® to shape and lift the buttocks.

The particular type of body fillers used, and the number of syringes needed, depends on your physique, goals, and the areas injected. At Boise Image, we carry all FDA-approved non-permanent fillers to give our expert practitioners the widest array of tools to gently sculpt and shape the body.

dermal filler injections of hyaluronic acid filler

Innovative new treatment

men/women - injectable dermal fillers
& hyaluronic acid fillers

Great for both women and men

injectable fillers

Popular treatments include non-surgical butt lift and hip dip filler

Results Last - facial fillers & injectable treatments

Body injection results can last up to 2 years

What Others Are Saying

Super sweet and goes above and beyond to get the results your looking for.
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Christian B.
Boise Image is friendly, knowledgeable and very kind.
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Debbie A.
Boise Image is always a pleasure to deal with, they are very personable and intelligent, and as a patient they always makes sure that you are comfortable and doing well throughout the procedure.
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Mary L.
Amazing service, as always. Genuinely cares and offers practical insight to my questions. Top notch!
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Brenda E.

Body Injection Procedure Details

Body injections are customized for each patient based on their unique body type and goals. After a complimentary medical assessment has been completed, the practitioner will begin injecting the area with FDA-approved fillers. Multiple syringes over multiple sessions may be required to create the best results.

Experience Counts

For over 25 years, Boise Image  has been Idaho’s leader in aesthetic medicine. Our office has performed over 10,000 filler and anti-aging treatments to offer the highest level of results and safety. Our practitioners are innovators in body filler techniques and creating realistic-looking results.

See The Results

Body Injection Before & Afters

Before Anterior Full After Anterior Full
Body Injections on Anterior (Deltoid, Biceps, and Triceps)
Body Injections on Left Bicep
Left Bicep Before Left Bicep After
Right Shoulder Before Right Shoulder After
Body Injections on Right Bicep

Before & After photos have been color corrected and backgrounds removed for consistency.
Some photos black out the eyes to respect the privacy of our patients.

Body Filler Injections FAQ

The specialized techniques Boise Image Enhancement Centre uses to inject the buttocks and other areas of the body only use FDA-approved dermal fillers administered from medical professionals in a medical environment, and are studied and proven to be safe. The hazards reported from buttocks injections are overwhelmingly due to black market buttocks injections that lack medical training, proper injection techniques, a safe medical environment, and FDA-approved non-permanent fillers.
We at Boise Image Enhancement Centre only use FDA-approved non-permanent dermal fillers for all facial and body filler injections, including the buttocks. Currently there are no FDA indications for buttocks filler, however the techniques used in our practice are studied and proven to be safe.

The FDA-approved fillers Sculptra® and Radiesse® are preferred for buttocks injection because both stimulate the growth of collagen, which gently lifts the buttocks. While the Sculptra® buttocks lift is more recognized, Radiesse® creates a superior result in buttocks injections as Radiesse® is the only FDA-approved filler that is proven to create Type 1 collagen.

FDA-approved dermal fillers can safely be injected to round out the hips. “Hip dip” injections are common among premier medical aeshtetics practices such as Boise Image Enhancement Centre.

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