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We at Boise Image Enhancement Centre over 25 years of vein-related health expertise, including IV Vitamin Infusions. We are highly-referred for our unparalleled experience with vein-related health. To our knowledge, we are the only provider in the Treasure Valley that performs IV Vitamin Infusions with on-site medical supervision.

IV Vitamin Infusions

Excellent in creating whole-body wellness, medical-grade IV Vitamin Infusions are a wonderful addition to any beauty, wellness, or even weight-loss regimen. These powerful cocktails of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients can super-charge the areas of your life that need special attention through specialized, results-focused blends. Our fast-acting medical-grade IV Vitamin Infusions can address many needs, including revving up libido, improving athletic performance, supporting skin health, and even reducing the effects of a night out on the town.

The difference in medical-grade IV Vitamin Infusions versus the IV wellness clinics you may see advertised online or on the radio comes down to three factors that have a large say in the safety of the IV Vitamin Infusion treatment: ingredients, personnel, and setting.

As is our skincare, Boise Image Enhancement Centre’s IV Vitamin Infusion ingredients are medical-grade, meaning they are sourced only through reputable pharmacies at the highest purity and potency. To ensure safety, these medical-grade ingredients are only administered by experienced medical professionals, not IV technicians without any prior medical experience. Lastly, our IV Vitamin Infusions are performed in a clinical environment with safety protocols beyond the scope of pop-up or in-home IV Vitamin Infusion treatments. To our knowledge, Boise Image is the only IV clinic in the Treasure Valley that has on-site medical supervision, which is critical to provide the safest IV Vitamin Infusion experience.

Water - boost energy for health benefits and cognitive function

Delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into bloodstream

Customized - essential vitamins for wound healing and solving nutrient deficiencies

Tailored to your unique beauty and wellness needs

Medical Safety - chronic headaches reduce brain function

Administered by medical professionals in a safe, clinical setting

Top Treatment - mobile iv therapy for immune function

One of our most-loved treatments from our top patients

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Super sweet and goes above and beyond to get the results your looking for.
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Christian B.
Boise Image is friendly, knowledgeable and very kind.
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Debbie A.
Boise Image is always a pleasure to deal with, they are very personable and intelligent, and as a patient they always makes sure that you are comfortable and doing well throughout the procedure.
Boise Image Review Testimonial
Mary L.
Amazing service, as always. Genuinely cares and offers practical insight to my questions. Top notch!
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Brenda E.

IV Vitamin Infusion Procedure Details

The IV Vitamin Infusion treatment procedure is straightforward. First, a medical professional will consult you on your beauty and wellness needs as well as your medical history. Then, an IV Vitamin Infusion cocktail will be specially formulated and administered to you based on your specific needs.

The treatment itself lasts about 30 to 45 minutes to complete inside the comfort of our beautiful office. While you sit as the IV Vitamins infuse, you are free to do light activities such as reading or using your phone. In some cases, an IV Vitamin Infusion can be administered alongside another service at Boise Image Enhancement Centre.

After the infusion is complete, your medical professional will remove the IV and bandage the area with a small piece of gauze. There is no downtime after the treatment, and you are free to resume your day’s activities.

Experience Counts!

We at Boise Image Enhancement Centre over 25 years of vein-related health expertise, including IV Vitamin Infusions. We are highly-referred for our unparalleled experience with vein-related health. To our knowledge, we are the only provider in the Treasure Valley that performs IV Vitamin Infusions with on-site medical supervision.

Our Signature IV Vitamin Cocktails

Customizeable for almost any need

Glam Tonic

Beauty IV Infusion

Ideal to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, suppress acne, produce collagen, and enhance elasticity.

Liquid Love

Libido IV Infusion

Ideal for a hot & heavy night, meeting a new someone, rekindling an old flame, bringing sparks back, or feeling like yourself again.

Meyer's Cocktail

Wellness IV Infusion

Ideal for strengthening the immune system, reducing oxidative stress, reducing the effects of allergies, and adding protection from flu & common cold season.

"Me-Tox" Detox

Ultimate Wellness IV Infusion

Ideal for boosting metabolism & energy, detoxifying internal organs, flushing toxins, and restoring vitamin & mineral balances

Immune Protect

Vitamin C IV Infusion

Ideal for boosting the immune system, protecting against new contagious illness, and adding protection from flu & common cold season.


Energy IV Infusion

Ideal for recovering and sustaining energy through hectic schedules, long hours, late nights, 24/7 lifestyles, studying, and big competitions.


Hair, Skin, & Nails IV Infusion

Ideal for renewing and growing healthier skin, hair, & nails, reducing environmental stress, detoxifying hair, skin, & nails


Hydration IV Infusion

Ideal for hydration for events–pre- & post-weddings, bachelorette/bachelor parties, outdoor activities, or nights on the town.

Acne Away

Acne Support IV Infusion

Ideal for helping clear up acne-prone skin, reducing inflamed skin, soothing rosacea, aiding oily skin, & managing recent breakouts

Peak Performance

Athletic IV Infusion

Ideal for athletic performance & recovery, intense training, game-day preparation, weightlifting, hiking, cycling, running, martial arts, & more

"Drip Me" Upper

Mood Lift IV Infusion

Ideal for raising mood during stressful times, curbing anxiety, recovering & relaxing muscles, and restoring emotional balance.

Boosters & Singles

IV Enhancements

Booster blends and single shots that can be added with an IV Vitamin Infusion to further enhance results based on your specific needs.

IV Vitamin Infusion FAQ

Since IV vitamin infusions are considered supplements, the benefits of IV vitamin infusions are not evaluated by the FDA. However, research shows that vitamins and minerals delivered via IV get absorbed much faster into the body than when taken orally. Additionally, some individuals have difficulties absorbing vitamins through the digestive tract, and find that IV vitamin infusions are critical to ensure they are meeting their bodies’ needs and restoring their wellness. Each ingredient in our signature IV cocktails is hand-selected based on scientific research showing the positive effects of the ingredient in terms of health, beauty, and wellness.
Our IV vitamin infusion treatments are one of the safest around. Unlike most IV centers, our IV Vitamin Infusions are only administered by experienced medical professionals in a clinical with a medical director on-site. In addition, our protocols are designed only to deliver safe levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for the body.
While one-off IV vitamin infusions can be excellent for hydration for a big night on the town or sports performance, the benefits of our beauty and wellness-focused IV infusions are seen after a series of four or more regular sessions.

In some rare cases IV vitamin infusions can cause diarrhea, usually in relation to an uncommon sensitivity to Vitamin C.

Some patients report feeling slightly lethargic and nauseous after their first infusion, but this “IV flu” is associated with the body’s re-hydration and flushing process and will usually go away within a few hours.

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