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Cheek Pop

The Cheek is a top-requested Signature Look that addresses the top factor of aging faces. Ideal for those wanting to lightly take off the years on their face, the Cheek Pop Signature Look provides an instant reversal of time that can last up to 9-12 months.

Signature Looks

Cheek Pop

If you catch yourself looking haggard in the mirror or hear from others that you look tired all of the time, you are likely in need of a Cheek Pop.

The Cheek Pop Signature Look was specifically created to combat the appearance of aged, tired-looking faces by addressing the top factor in facial aging. By gently restoring volume using signature techniques, our premier injectors are able to use the Cheek Pop as a “sculpt and lift” procedure that instantly turns back time.

This natural-looking treatment is a favorite among our patients for its fast and long-lasting results, and is bound to become one of your favorites as well. If you feel your face is looking tired or looking like you desperately need a vacation, click or dial the phone number below to request your complimentary medical assessment for a Cheek Pop Signature Look.

Top Treatment

Top-Requested Signature Look from our patients

Injections and Filler

Created to Refresh Tired Looking Faces

Customized for Your Face

Customized to Your Unique Appearance

Results Last

Can Last Up to
9-12 Months

Cheek Pop Procedure Details

The Cheek Pop begins with a complimentary medical assessment from one of our premier medical injectors. From there, the injector will artfully select the appropriate cheek filler and determine the technique needed to ensure a beautiful Cheek Pop that keeps your natural look. After mapping out the treatment, the injector will begin injecting the Cheek Pop filler using our signature injection techniques.

During treatment, we offer comfort items such as topical numbing and Pro-Nox (also known as nitrous oxide or laughing gas) to give our patients the most comfortable treatment experience possible. The procedure itself lasts about 30-45 minutes. There is minimal downtime following the procedure, and you can resume your day’s activities immediately after treatment.

Mastery Counts

The Cheek Pop is a proprietary treatment, created from over 30 years of anti-aging mastery. This treatment and its results cannot be duplicated or found anywhere else besides Boise Image Enhancement Centre.

See The Results

Cheek Pop Before & Afters

Cheek Pop Before Cheek Pop After
Cheeks Before Cheeks After
Cheeks Before Cheeks After
Cheek Pop Before Cheek Pop After
Cheek Pop Before Cheek Pop After
Cheek Pop Before Cheek Pop After

Before & after photos have been color corrected and backgrounds removed for consistency.
Some photos black out the eyes to respect the privacy of our patients.

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