Signature Looks

Golden Glow

The Golden Glow Signature Look is our proprietary, skin resurfacing Signature Look that delivers a beautiful glow year-round. Perfect for events, the Golden Glow infuses skin vitamins, biostimulators, and wrinkle relaxers deep into the skin to exfoliate, reduce pore size, and create collagens for a truly unrivaled result.

Signature Looks

Golden Glow

Created to deliver a beautiful glow regardless of the season, the Golden Glow Signature Look is a stunning skin resurfacing procedure that can enhance any appearance. Perfect for events, this is the go-to treatment before a wedding, graduation, holiday party, or other important social engagement.

While many procedures that use lights and lasers cannot be safely administered during sunny months, the Golden Glow is a year-round skin resurfacing treatment that is safe, even on scorching summer days. The unique cocktail of skin nutrients and pharmaceuticals hand-selected by our premier medical injectors create new, glowing skin unlike anything else. Far more in-depth than a facial, chemical peel, or traditional microneedling procedure, the Golden Glow is truly in a class of itself. 

Safe For Any Season

Safe treatment for any time of year

Younger Skin

Smooths and brightens skin while creating collagen


Can be used for maximum glow


Perfect for graduations, weddings, and events

Golden Glow Procedure Details

The Golden Glow is a medical-grade microneedling procedure. It infuses the highest-quality pharmaceuticals and skin serums for a glowing result beyond what can achieve traditional microneedling, facials, and chemical peels. The treatment begins by lightly prepping the face for treatment. Then the medical microneeding device is prepped to deliver the Golden Glow cocktail. Treatment itself lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Additional time is needed if you choose to add the recommended infusion. This involves isolating platelet growth factors from your own blood.

Once the procedure is ready to begin, your provider will start lightly prepping your face for treatment. Then the medical microneedling device is prepped to deliver the Golden Glow “cocktail”. This contains our signature blend of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, peptides, and other skin nutrients.

The procedure works similar to aerating a lawn, infusing fertilizer deep into the roots. First, tiny needles from the device break up old, compacted skin to improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Then, the device deeply infuses the newly opened pores with our specially-designed Golden Glow cocktail. This combination of pharmaceuticals and medical-grade skin serums has been specifically chosen from our decades of skin rejuvenation experience to maximize collagen growth and a truly radiant appearance.

There is minimal downtime after the procedure. We highly recommend not wearing any cosmetics or makeup on the face for at least 24 hours to allow the infused areas to heal. Immediately following the procedure, you will notice a slight glow that will increase during the next two weeks as your body naturally responds to the treatment.

Mastery Counts

The Golden Glow is a proprietary treatment, created from over 30 years of anti-aging mastery. This treatment and its results cannot be duplicated or found anywhere else besides Boise Image Enhancement Centre.

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