Interesting Skin Care Advancements Over the Last 100 Years

Since 1997 when Boise Image was founded, we’ve been helping women and men put their best face forward. With over 20 years in the industry of aesthetic enhancement, the applications and cosmetic strategies we adapt are the most advanced, safe, and effective skin care methods available.

Science Leads Us to Newer, Safer Aesthetic Enhancement Procedures Over the Years

In the 1920s, tanning oils were all the rage. Sunburn, freckles and inevitable wrinkles were a care so minor in comparison to the beautiful sun-kissed glow that was so popular in the day.


By the 1930s, resulting freckles from all of that sunshine were a thing of the past. A dangerous new spot removal procedure was developed to inject carbon monoxide near freckles and freeze them right off.


In the 1940s, face cream developed from the elaborate skin care routines of the 30’s. With the rise of Elizabeth Arden and other popular beauty lines, new beauty salon procedures became popular. Electronic masks worn to heat your cheeks until they became red as a rose, glamour bonnets, and wrinkle-reducing vacuums were all the rage.


The 1950s saw the birth of facial cleansers, protecting the faces of women everywhere from heavy oil-based beauty products. As more homes purchased televisions, more people sought after beauty regimens used by Hollywood stars.


Finally, by the 1960s a sun protectant was created, though this sunscreen only protected from UVB rays, not the UVA rays that cause cancer and early signs of aging.


In the 1970s, Preparation H, though typically used to treat hemorrhoids, was the latest beauty trend. Its blood vessel constricting properties was used to make puffy eyes go away for a little while. (Even though this is still done today by some, we don’t recommend this, as Preparation H can cause significant irritation if it accidentally gets in your eye.)


The 1980s saw the rise of acne-fighting astringents. Youth promoting, anti-aging products were not new to the market, but evolved from the skin vacuums of the 50s into what we know now as pore-reducing astringents.


By the 1990s, your typical spa day started to include chemical skin enhancement techniques such as the chemical peel.

Learn From Aesthetic Treatments of the Past, But Stay in the Present & Look Forward to Advancements

Since the turn of the millennium, we’ve adopted the addition of BOTOX® to treat fine lines and wrinkles once and for all, without daily applications of silly skin wraps and vacuums. BOTOX injections effectively block nerve signals causing muscles to contract, creating a relaxed look without visible wrinkles.

Instead of 1930s creams for the absorption of fat into the skin with the hopes of filling wrinkles, dermal fillers are the latest safe and effective alternative. Juvéderm is one such alternative with longer lasting results. Instead of spreading a filler over the skin, Juvéderm is injected directly into the area of volume loss, effectively plumping skin for a youthful look.

In the last decade, we’ve taken the latest and greatest of skin enhancement tools and procedures to provide a portfolio of those which have become part of our brand. BOTOX®, Microneedling, Skinfinity®, and Novathreads® are just a few of the many advanced aesthetic services we offer to help you look and feel your very best.

It’s not about what you can do alone or in a beauty spa, but which ones offer the greatest proven results that also have the highest safety ratings which we offer. This is why it is essential for a good aesthetic enhancement provider to stay in the present, keeping up to date on all the latest news about changes to procedures, new scientific findings, and the most advanced products and methods.

The Best Experience Comes from the Best in the Business – Trust Boise Image Enhancement for Skin Rejuvenation in Boise

Trusting your provider to maintain trainings and certifications is essential for a positive provider-client relationship. Our licensed providers have over 20 years of experience with a following of lifelong members due to the great experiences they provide. To see what makes our providers the best in the business, come in today for a free consultation to see if our services and providers are right for you. Call now to book an appointment – 208-375-1221.

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