Lip Flip: Botox Lip Flip Cost, Before and After, Info

The botox lip flip is a quick, non-invasive procedure that uses botox to increase the appearance of the upper lip. This is done by injecting small amounts of botox into the muscles around the upper lip to “flip” the lip upward. According to RealSelf, 94% of people who received a lip flip with botox rated it as “Worth It”. Today, we’re going to over the lip flip cost, before and afters, and basic information to educate you on this exciting treatment.

Recently, the lip flip has become a sensational alternative to lip fillers (popularized by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian). Since the procedure does add any extra volume to the lips, some say that it is a more natural-looking result than other lip injections.

Lip Flip: Info

The lip flip uses a small amount of botox injected into the muscles around the upper lip to relax the muscles and turn the lip outward. This hides the appearance of a gummy smile and creates a fuller lip look without adding extra lip volume.

This works because of the interactions between botox and your body’s muscles. When injected into a muscle, botox causes the muscle to relax. The active agents in botox (called neuromodulators) block the injected muscles from receiving acetylcholine, a chemical used by nerves to contract muscles. The result is a muscle that is naturally relaxed.

But how can something that relaxes a muscle flip a lip forward? Every muscle in our body is grouped in complimentary pairs that contract in opposite directions of each other, like a pulley. When one of the muscles is relaxed with botox, it releases its tension and allows the other muscle to lift, in this case, the lips. 

To do this, small amounts of botox are injected directly into the orbicularis oris (the muscle that surrounds the lips). When the muscle relaxes, the lip is allowed to lift, flipping the lip forward and creating the appearance of fuller lips (but they’re all yours). 

It’s good to note that, this procedure is considered “off-label” by the FDA, meaning that it is not an officially approved use for botox. This means that this procedure should always be completed by a reputable licensed medical professional such as a PA, nurse, nurse practitioner, or doctor in a medical environment.

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Lip Flip: Cost, Time

The cost for a lip flip varies from provider to provider.  The procedure uses only a small amount of botox compared to most standard botox treatments and takes less than 10 minutes. 

Since the lip flip treatment takes so little botox to use, is recommended to get a lip flip with another botox procedure to maximize your appointment time. 

There are different brands botox, including Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau® that can be used for the lip flip. Each has their own medicinal makeup, however it usually take a few days to take effect for most people. You can expect to see a result within 5-7 days and expect it to last up to 3-5 months before needing a refresh.

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Lip Flip vs. Lip Fillers: Which is Right for Me?

Since a lip flip and lip filler both approach thin lips with different methods, it can be confusing to find which is best for you. A medical assessment is needed to truly know which is the best lip treatment for you, but here are our quick tips to get an idea:

A lip flip is a great alternative for lip fillers if:

    • You have a thin upper lip
    • You feel your gums show too much when you smile or talk
    • You’re satisfied with the volume of your lower lip
    • You want a natural result that does not look too “done up”
    • You’d like to spend less on your lips
Lip fillers are a better alternative over a lip flip if:
    • You want a fuller, pouty result
    • Your lower lip is thin and needs volume
    • You want to accent a certain feature of your lips, like the cupid’s bow or the border
    • You do not want to have botox injected near the mouth (some inexperienced injectors have had bad results with lip flips)
    • Your lips do not naturally curl downward
    • You want to be able to reverse the look (fillers can be reversed but butox needs to wear off)

Either treatment in the hands of a licensed and skilled injector can create beautiful results.

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