Boise Image Named 2022 Best of Boise for Cosmetic Medicine​

On July 28 2022, Boise Image Enhancement Centre proudly accepted the title of Best of Boise 2022 in Cosmetic Medicine from the Boise Weekly and Idaho Press.

The Best of Boise Awards is a yearly, nomination-only competition featuring some of the most prestigious organizations in the Treasure Valley. With tens of thousands of voters each year, it is highly coveted and one of the largest business honors in the State of Idaho.

We at Boise Image are honored to stand next to many other incredible organizations in our community who won the Best in Boise 2022 Awards, including Barbacoa, Telaya Wine Co., Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery, the Idaho Botanical Garden, Chandlers Steakhouse, and many more.

It is humbling to reflect on the fact that over 25 years ago, we started Boise Image Enhancement Centre to become the first alternative to cosmetic surgery in all of Idaho. Now, we are in awe after winning the Best in Boise Cosmetic Medicine Award over two decades later. To have the Treasure Valley recognize the pioneering spirit and standards of quality set by our centre feels like we have come full circle to why we started.

We could not have done this without the support of our amazing patients, staff, and families. It’s because of their continued support that we have been able to continue to grow Boise Image into the recognized cosmetic medicine center it is now. 

Thank you, especially, to all who participated in support of Boise Image Enhancement Centre in the Best of Boise 2022 contest. Your help was invaluable in being awarded this honor. We feel truly blessed that we have so many community members who support our business in ways big and small.

We cannot wait to see all of you at next year awards!

Best in Boise 2022 Cosmetic Medicine

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