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The medical professionals at Boise Image Enhancement Centre, Inc. are your best resource for what you need. We have been educating practitioners and advising our own clients on how best to achieve your goal since 1998. Let us help you put together the very confusing puzzle that comes with so many options you may see advertised on a daily basis. During your consultation, one of our first questions is: What brings you in today? From there, we are able to determine what types of treatments will help you achieve your goal.

We are able to help you improve your skin a variety of ways depending upon your concerns and your budget. We offer both laser and non-laser options with very little to no downtime and the best part is that these treatments are safe as well as effective.

Our primary concern after we discuss your treatment plan is to help you maintain the results you achieve. We will help you develop a skin care regimen that is correct for your particular skin and we offer advice on what you can do on a daily basis to help your skin continue to look better.

We are asked this question almost every day. Because you read about a treatment and think “That is it! That is what I’ve been waiting for!” does not mean that particular treatment is right for you. Every persons’ skin is different and has different needs. You may call in and ask for a treatment when it should never be done on your skin. Not only that, it may potentially damage your skin in the long term! Let us help you determine if that treatment, or any treatment, will achieve your goal. Our consultations are complimentary and performed by one of our nurses or nurse practitioners and you can be certain that the treatment you want is the correct one for you.
At Boise Image Enhancement Centre, Inc. we only have RN’s, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians on staff that oversee and perform your treatments. You may be assured that our medical professionals are extremely well trained and knowledgeable and have a significant number of hours training before they treat patients. Unlike most practices that allow their employees to treat clients after a four hour training course, we invest time and resources to assure our medical professionals have the knowledge they need to provide a safe and effective treatment. We are very fortunate to have a staff of ‘life time learners’ that are continually researching and learning the best practices for the treatment they are performing, then putting into practice these safe and effective methods. We never use unlicensed staff or even an esthetician to provide medical treatments. We believe that only a licensed medical professional is able to assess you every time you are in and they may determine that the treatment you are scheduled to have may not be appropriate at that time. This also allows us to be flexible in your treatment plan by offering a treatment they believe may work better for any particular concern you have.
Because of the ever changing anatomy of your face as you age, permanent fillers such as Artefill®, Bellafill® and Sculptra® are not offered at our medical clinic or MediSpa. Our medical practitioners agree that anything permanent would need to be surgically removed as you age to maintain a natural appearance. Fortunately, Semi-permanent fillers such as Juvederm®, Voluma®, Radiesse®, Restyane®, Lyft® and others provide a beautiful result with longer lasting results than traditional collagen injections. The FDA states that these types of wrinkle fillers may last up to two years. All of our practitioners are highly trained to select the right wrinkle filler for your particular needs.
The medical staff at Boise Image Enhancement Centre are well versed on all types of skin resurfacing. Fraxel®, FotoFacial RF®, CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Fractional Lasers, Radio Frequency Lasers, Pixelated Lasers and Radiofrequency devices. Ablative lasers such as Co2 and Erbium Yag (ER:Yag). Non-ablative lasers such as Pulsed Dye Lasers, ND Yag lasers, Alexanderite lasers, Intense Pulse Lights (IPL’s), Portrait® laser, Cutera lasers, Radiofrequency devices. Sublative devices such as ELOS Radiofrequency resurfacing, Skinfinity® Radiofrequency resurfacing. And the list goes on and on as technology changes and improves. This is why it is so important to have highly trained medical professionals discuss what your goals are and let us help you develop a treatment plan that may include any one of the above types of treatments. You may also find that you DON’T need skin resurfacing! Let us put the puzzle together for you.
We offer Saturday, Sunday and after-hour appointments. Sunday and after-hour appointment must be made by the practitioners themselves so they will speak directly with you about your schedule. We have multiple medical professionals that provide all of our services and we are able to accommodate almost every schedule. These after-hour appointments and Saturday and Sunday appointments require a non-refundable deposit that you may forfeit in certain circumstances.

Certain types of appointments will need a deposit or full payment when you schedule. Unlike most medical offices, we DO NOT double book appointments and when you fail to come in for your appointment, we are unable to fill that time with other clients who are on our pending cancellation list who may need that particular time. If you schedule your appointment online, one of our client care coordinators may call you for a deposit or payment. If you have any questions you may ask her at that time. If we are not notified three days prior to your appointment, you may forfeit a portion or all of your deposit. We may also have a rebooking fee for certain procedures. Thank you for your understanding.

This is your time to experience personal improvement. In order for you and all of our guests to enjoy their time in our office, we ask that you respect the privacy of all guests by turning off your cell phones.

We ask that small children are not brought to your appointment due to the limited time you have with our staff and the extra time that is necessary to care for your child.

Please note that anytime you are late to arrive for your appointment, that late arrival will determine the length of your treatment. Your treatment will end on time so our next guest is not delayed.

Please remove makeup and lotions from the areas to be treated. Please do not wear long-lasting lipstick if you wish to have your lips treated.

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