Understanding What RLT Is And The Benefits That Come From It

In today’s society, staying healthy and in shape is one of the biggest trends. Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new fad about the latest diet or the hottest new workout to tone specific parts of your body. There are even hundreds of blogs, ted talks, and podcasts with advice on keeping yourself looking young or staying in the best shape! Whatever it may be, there are many things out there to help with your health dreams. 

Among these trends and healthy lifestyles is something known as red light therapy. Experts at Boise Image in Boise, Idaho, use red light therapy to help many clients reach their health goals. Not only does it promote healthier goals overall, but it also promotes good nostalgia with its rejuvenating properties. So what is red light therapy, and how does it work? Furthermore, we will explore what its purpose is in helping with health trends. 

Red Light Therapy In Boise, Idaho

By definition, red light therapy, or RLT, is a treatment that uses low-wavelength red light to improve your skin’s appearance. These treatments include things like reducing wrinkles, getting rid of scars and redness, or reducing acne! It is thought to work as an energy source for your body. With more energy, everything in your body can work more efficiently and do what it is supposed to do. Repairing skin, boosting new cell growth, enhancing skin rejuvenation, and promoting the feel-good hormones that bring us back to nostalgic moods are just a few things that red light therapy promotes. Here are a few other things that red light therapy helps with: 

Helps With Eczema 

Eczema is where patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding, sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation but more typically having no apparent external cause. Having this issue can be frustrating. Red light therapy helps by reducing inflammation and irritation and causes excellent relief to anyone who deals with this issue.

Can Help With Collagen Production

Collagen is the main structural protein primarily found in the skin. It also helps to keep the skin firm and looking young. Although we may try to avoid it, time is undefeated. As we get older, the collagen decreases, making our younger selves look much older. Red light therapy is used to help stimulate more collagen production, which can keep us looking young and vibrant. It can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, which is particularly exciting for those who have recently had a baby.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Studies show that not only is RLT effective but also safe. There are very few side effects, if any, associated with the treatment. This is primarily due to the fact that it is not invasive, toxic, or harsh, like some of the other treatments in this field. It is also great on the skin because it does not use UV lights, like those from tanning beds. 


Although we may not be able to stay looking like we are twenty years old forever, we can help increase our health and stay looking vibrant by using red light therapy. Understanding what Red Light Therapy is can help ease any stress one may feel when looking into health options for their skin and body. Not only are the health benefits fantastic, but having the feeling of joy and happiness as your body begins to improve is indescribable. Professionals at Boise Image are one such team that can help your health goals become a reality! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with red light therapy.

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