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Restylane Kysse for Lips: Restylane Kysse Lip Filler Info, Cost, Before and Afters

Restylane® Kysse™ has been one of the most popular choices for lip enhancement. Restylane® Kysse™ has been found in natural pouts from coast to coast because of its first-of-its-kind treatment use. In this 2022 deep dive, we will share everything about to Restylane® Kysse™ lip injections, including treatment pricing, Restylane® Kysse™ before and after photographs, and more.

Restylane Kysse Overview

Restylane Kysse Packaging

Restylane® KysseTM is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler designed exclusively for lip filler injections by Swiss-based Galderma S.A..  Restylane® Kysse™ has become one of the most popular fillers for lip augmentation in the United States due to its specific design for lip injections.

Restylane® Kysse™ in many ways is the successor of Restylane Silk™, which was the first hyaluronic (HA) filler approved by the FDA for lip augmentation and the softening of vertical lip lines. Since being FDA-approved in 2021, Restylane® Kysse™ has surpassed its predecessor in popularity as Restylane® Silk™ is widely thought to cause unnecessary swelling, which Restylane® Kysse™ generally does not.

Restylane® Kysse™, like all lip fillers, is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid (HA). HAs are naturally occurring sugars that bind moisture and are found in the skin, body, and joints. It’s well known that  hyaluronic acid has an unusually powerful ability to attract and retain hydration, which makes HA a perfect component for soft tissue fillers, such as lip augmentation. Some approximations have estimated hyaluronic acid can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, however, recent estimates are more conservative.

In addition to the HAs, Restylane® Kysse™ also contains a numbing agent inside the filler gel.  A small amount of lidocaine, a standard numbing ingredient used in many dermal fillers, can be found in Restylane® Kiss™ to create a more comfortable treatment experience. Unless a patient has a history of strong reactions or allergies to lidocaine, the numbing ingredient inside of Restylane® Kysse™ are safe and much preferred.

Restylane® Kysse™ is thought to be a successor to Galderma’s earlier lip filler, Restylane® Kysse™, which some considered caused excessive swelling after treatment. The swelling after a Restylane® Kysse™ treatment is regarded to be far less than that of Restylane® Silk™. For that reason, Restylane® Kysse™ has become the more popular option of the two in recent years.

How Long Does Restylane Kysse Last?

We’ve observed Restylane® Kysse™ lip filler results generally persist up to six months. This is less than other HA fillers in other areas, since the lips are the lips are involved in numerous everyday activities such as talking, eating, and breathing. Constantly moving lips can cause the filler gel to migrate outside of the desired area and increases the speed that the filler is metabolized by the body.

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Restylane Kysse Cost: What Will it Run Me?

The price for Restylane® Kysse™ injections may differ significantly depending on the injector’s experience and the region of the country in which they practice.

In the hands of a skilled injector, a 1ml syringe of Restylane® Kysse™ can cost up to $900. Not to worry: many injectors will offer lip filler promotions, including limited-time discounts on fillers like Restylane® Kysse™.

Because not all lips require the same proportions of filler, the cost of Restylane® Kysse™ treatment varies. Because many injectors charge by the numbers of syringes used in the lip treatment, the total cost of each lip injection varies depending on the patient’s present lip shape and desired outcome.

Many patients would benefit from more lip volume but are concerned about receiving lip filler looking because they assume any amount of lip filler would make them look “overdone” or unnatural. Smaller doses of filler (such as our Petite Pout Signature Look) can be artfully used to achieve appealing, natural-looking lip filler results without the fears of appearing unnatural.

Restylane Kysse Lip Filler Before and After

The following Restylane® Kysse before and after photos are courtesy of our medical spa, Boise Image Enhancement Centre.

Before & After Photos have been color-corrected and backgrounds removed for consistency.

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