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Natural Looking Lip Filler – Cost, Before and Afters, Info

Natural looking lip filler is the number one request from our filler patients, and believe it or not, natural lip augmentation is a lot easier to obtain than you would think. 

If you are seeking a lip filler treatment but do not want to look overdone, you are not alone. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to be confident in your hunt for natural looking lip injections.

What is Natural Looking Lip Filler

What is Natural Looking Lip Filler?

Most people know what unnatural lip filler looks like, but very few actually know what natural lip filler looks like. When done correctly, natural looking lip filler is virtually unnoticeable except to you and, maybe, your lover.

In our opinion, natural-looking lip filler should be the only type of lip filler that people know of, but that’s usually not the case.

Unfortunately, when most think about the phrase lip filler, the first thing that comes to mind is a celebrity who has received excessive lip fillers. These celebrities have had so much filler–sometimes five times more than the average person needs–that they start to look strange because their lips become misshapen and out of harmony with their faces’ natural proportions of beauty.

Luckily, the goal of natural looking lip filler is the opposite of the celebrity lip filler look. A skillfully-injected natural looking lip augmentation takes into account your face’s unique characteristics and gives you enough volume to make your lips look good while keeping balance with the rest of your appearance.

The Best Natural Lip Filler

The best natural lip filler used to give a gorgeous, natural looking lip augmentation will vary from person to person. 

Just like no two lips are created the same, no two brands of lip filler are created the same either. There are many choices of FDA-approved fillers that can be used in the lips. Each filler has its own density, structure, stickiness, and other characteristics that give each filler a specific look and feel that is desirable depending on your anatomy and your lip goals.

No matter what filler your injector chooses, it’s important to make sure the filler is cleared by the FDA and the injector has medical qualifications, either a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or physician’s assistant.

In our practice, our Nurse Practitioner Injectors only use FDA-approved non-permanent, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers for the lips, including patient favorites such as Juvèderm Volbella® and Revanesse® Lips™+.

Lip Filler Red Flags

Bonus: Lip Filler Red Flags

There is a lot of misinformation online about DIY and permanent lip fillers. To be a business like ours that has been open for over 25 years, it is a requirement that we be experts in treatment safety, and we want to share our top lip filler red flags.

First, to create a safe and beautiful result, lip filler procedures must use a medical-grade, FDA-approved product that is administered by a medical professional in a medical environment. Any product that is non-FDA approved, administered by someone without a medical license, or injected outside of a medical office is a red flag.

While needleless, at-home HA filler pens have risen in popularity recently, they are very dangerous, and the FDA has warned consumers from purchasing these on many occasions. Just like most people would not give themselves an at-home tattoo, giving yourself at-home lips has an equal amount of risks and possibilities for a bad-looking outcome.

If you can buy the filler yourself online, it is a major red flag.

Secondly, when some people find out lip fillers last only up to six months, they believe a more permanent solution would be better. Unfortunately, permanent fillers can greatly increase the risk and consequences that come with all filler injections. While a rare adverse event with an HA filler can create temporary side effects, the same adverse event with a permanent filler can last in crippling lifelong effects. Given this, non-permanent fillers are a much safer option for all filler treatments, including lip filler. 

Nonpermanent HA fillers–the type of filler injected into the lips–can be dissolved safely if a reaction occurs. It’s not uncommon for us to have patients who received “botched” lip filler from another injector come to us to dissolve and inject natural looking lip filler.

If your injector is comfortable suggesting a permanent filler for your lips, that is another red flag to watch out for.

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Natural Lip Filler Cost: What Can I Expect to Pay?

The cost of a natural looking lip filler procedure varies depending on multiple factors.

First, not all people need the same lip filler amount as everyone’s starting point is different. The same pair of beautifully sculpted, natural looking lips may require twice as much filler for one person versus another, depending on the size and shape of each person’s lips before treatment.

Secondly, the natural looking lip filler treatment often requires half-sized syringes for minor tweaks. In fact, some patients may not even need a full-sized syringe at all. However, half-size syringes are exclusive to certain brands of lip filler and may not be available at all aesthetic offices. 

Lastly, the price for your natural lip augmentation will vary depending on the area you live in and the skill of your injector. Like shoes, clothes, and wine–typically a more expensive lip filler treatment will go hand-in-hand with a higher quality experience and a better final product. While there are many items in life to bargain shop for, your face is not one of them.

Natural Looking Lip Filler Before & After Photos

Natural Looking Lip Filler Before and After Photo #1
Natural Looking Lip Filler Before and After Photo #2

Note: Before & After photos have been color corrected and backgrounds removed for consistency.

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