Boise Image Enhancement Centre Recognized by Vanity Fair Magazine​

You may see a familiar face on the supermarket shelves this month.

We are happy to say that Boise Image Enhancement Centre was proudly featured in the November 2021 issue of Vanity Fair.

Appearing with Dwayne Johnson on the cover, Boise Image Enhancement Centre Owner and Medical Director Dr. Morgann Eason, DNP was featured in the print edition of the magazine as a Leading Woman in Business for the Boise Area.

At the heart of the feature was Boise Image Enhancement Centre’s and Dr. Morgann’s philosophy on anti-aging treatments.

“The biggest misconception about medical aesthetics is that it equates to vanity, but this isn’t about vanity,” Dr. Morgann said. “This is about self care, especially for women. We give so much of ourselves to everyone else, but when you invest in yourself and feel better about how you look, everything else changes.”

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Dr. Morgann’s feature can be found in the November 2021 edition of Vanity Fair wherever Vanity Fair is sold in the Boise Area.

Boise Image Enhancement Centre has been Idaho’s anti-aging leader for over 25 years. As the first anti-aging medicine provider in Idaho, Boise Image Enhancement is nationally recognized for innovation in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Boise Image Enhancement Centre continues to deliver on excellence by treating clients and instructing aesthetic medicine providers from coast to coast.

Dr. Morgann Eason, DNP FNP-C is the owner, medical director, and lead nurse practitioner injector at Boise Image Enhancement Centre. At the beginning of 2021, Dr. Morgann took the reins of ownership of Boise Image Enhancement Centre to become a second-generation woman business owner. She is a sought-after injector and trainer, known for her Multi-Dimensional Depth (MDD) and Fill-and-Finish (FNF) filler techniques.

Dr. Morgann Eason Boise Image Vanity Fair

Boise Image Enhancement Centre Owner & Medical Diector, Dr. Morgann Eason, DNP FNP-C

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