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Goodbye Winter (and Hopefully Masks), Hello Spring Skin Rejuvenation

Spring has finally sprung. A season for rebirth and renewal, and we’re not just talking about Mother Nature. Spring is the perfect time to peel away the remnants of winter (and COVID-19) and restore life to your complexion. 

The harsh, dry winter air can leave your skin looking ashy, flaky, and borderline lifeless. And having to wear a mask along with it probably didn’t do your skin any favors. But winter is in the rearview mirror, and hopefully soon so is wearing a mask now that vaccinations have become available. So, you know what that means… People will actually be able to see our faces for the first time in a year. Yikes! 

But fear not, Boise Image is here to help get your skin health back on track and have you looking radiant in no time.

Reclaim Your Pre-Winter and Pandemic Glow

Just because your skin is looking a bit lackluster doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. At Boise Image, we offer a variety of professional and medical-grade skin rejuvenation treatments that will leave your complexion glowing this spring and throughout the year.

“Our overall philosophy at Boise Image Enhancement Centre is to help our patients feel like themselves again,” says Medical Director, Morgann Eason. “We tailor our treatment plans to best fit each patient and what they need clinically and emotionally.”

Spring Forward with Exfoliation

After the winter months, exfoliation is a must. By removing the dead and damaged outer skin layers, you create the foundation for smoother and healthier skin to emerge. Three great treatments that accomplish this include:

  • Chemical peels – Available in several strengths dependent on your needs, chemical peels use acid solutions to help accelerate exfoliation and remove surface debris. A type of skin resurfacing treatment, chemical peels not only treat the top layers of the skin, but the solutions stimulate deeper skin layers to promote cellular turnover and growth. 
  • Microdermabrasion – A minimally-abrasive treatment that uses tiny crystals to buff away dull and damaged skin layers to reveal fresh, new skin. It also helps to thicken and boost collagen in the skin giving you a tighter, younger-looking complexion.   
  • Dermaplaning – Sometimes called dermablading, this treatment method relies on the use of a small surgical blade that scrapes away dead skin cell buildup. Along with removing dead skin cells, dermaplaning also helps to remove the fuzzy vellus hair (peach fuzz) leaving a softer and smoother skin surface. 

Restore and Revive Your Complexion – Call Boise Image Today!

It’s been a long winter and a long year of mask-wearing but we’re finally moving forward. Give your skin the recharge that it needs and start looking and feeling like yourself again. To learn more about the skincare treatments available at Boise Image, schedule a consultation by calling (208) 375-1221 or clicking here.

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