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More Than Just a Number, Balancing the “More” to Beauty

We recently discussed the Golden Ratio concept and how it relates to the perception of beauty. To recap quickly: the Golden Ratio, or the mathematical equation of beauty, is the exact ratio measurement thought to be needed to achieve symmetry and beauty. Think Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. 

During that period, Mona Lisa was the epitome of beauty. The length of her face divided by the width equals 1.618. Well, it’s safe to say, patients aren’t exactly bringing in pictures of the Mona Lisa and asking to be made to look like her. That’s because there’s more to beauty than just a measurement. And it’s our responsibility at Boise Image to take that “more” into consideration when performing cosmetic procedures.

The “More” to Beauty

Although our brains are automatically wired to see beauty as a 1.618 ratio, culture and societal influences play a role in making beauty more than just a number. 

The women of today who are thought as beautiful tend to have specific common characteristics–full lips, high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, petite nose, V-shaped jawline… And even though these attributes may achieve perfect facial harmony, it’s not always possible to recreate the “influencer” or “beauty queen” features on another person.

See, everyone’s anatomical structure is different.  Not even identical twins have the same bone structure. Even your own face doesn’t have the same structure on both sides.

Dr. Morgann Eason DNP, our Medical Director, explains, “Your eyebrows are not twins. Your eyes are not twins–they’re just sisters. When you come to us looking for facial symmetry, we will get you as close to as we possibly can, but nothing will ever be exactly the same because your underlying structure is never going to be exactly the same on both sides.”

So, if all faces are not equal on both sides, there has to be a way to create beauty beyond the Golden Ratio. Otherwise, the math would be different on each side of the face.

Full Facial Balancing is Key

Many women seek out dermal fillers or other facial procedures in hopes of achieving celebrity pouty lips or striking cheekbones. However, what our culture doesn’t highlight is how those features look best when the rest of the face is balanced.

“Facial balancing is our number one thing to get someone looking great,” Dr. Eason says. “We actually balance the face from the front, and the side, to make sure our patients look like their best, natural selves.”

Sure, some can plump up their lips and fill in their cheeks to be what society has deemed as beautiful, but our goal isn’t to have anyone look “over the top” or like they “have had work done”.

As Dr. Eason says, “We never want someone to look at you and go, ‘Oh, who’s your doctor?’.”

Instead, we want you to look like the best, most relaxed version of you there is!

Using the science behind the mathematical equation of beauty (as well as knowing there’s more than math to it), our skilled medical staff at Boise Image can then blend their medical knowledge of facial anatomy and cosmetic procedures with their artistic eye to create facial balance and features that fit your appearance and have you looking like the best version of yourself.  

One size does not fit all when it comes to aesthetic medicine. To find out your unique needs, contact us for a Free Consultation at (208) 375-1221 or make an appointment online.

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