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3 of Our Favorite (Non-Invasive) Ways to Help You Get the Sexy Summer Body You Deserve

Planning a beach vacation along the West Coast or somewhere exotic this summer? Heading to Lucky Peak for some fun in the sand and sun?

Whatever your summer plans, make a huge splash this summer with a slimmer, sexier shape after booking our favorite beach-body-ready services, including:

1. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® is one of the greatest fat reduction techniques available. It uses cryolipolysis, a process that eliminates fat tissues via concentrated cold temperatures to freeze away body fat. CoolSculpting is done in as little as 35 minutes, while you continue shedding the targeted fat cells over the next several months to leave you with a more contoured appearance. This non-invasive treatment can reduce fatty tissue in the treated area(s) by up to 30%!

2. Laser Hair Removal

Tired of temporary hair removal methods that waste your time and money? Laser hair removal (LHR) eliminates your need for razors and painful waxes, as it dramatically slows or eliminates hair growth using laser lights. LHR leaves you hair free and care free after just a few sessions. It can be used on nearly any area with less-than-desirable hair growth, including on the face, back, legs, and underarms.

3. Skinfinity

Do stretch marks have you hiding from your swimsuit? Striae, or stretch marks, are no match for Skinfinity®. This treatment, designed to rejuvenate your skin through patented fractional unipolar radiofrequency technology, works by stimulating collagen production to encourage skin repair. Not only does it reduce or eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, but Skinfinity also treats fine lines and wrinkles, creases, sagging skin, scarring (even stubborn acne scars), and other aesthetic concerns. While you’re treating yourself to a smoother, sexier shape without unwanted body hair, why not fight the signs of aging too?! Combine any of the above with our anti-aging services including Ultherapy, BOTOX, and microneedling with PRP.
There’s Just One Thing Separating You From the Bikini Body You Want – a Call to Boise Image!

What’s holding you back from looking your absolute best and feeling your most confident? Call our experienced medical professionals today at 208-375-1221 to book any of our image enhancement services including CoolSculpting at our Boise medi-spa! Our providers including DNPs, nurse practitioners, and RNs have decades of experience in skin care services at the first and premier medical aesthetic center in the city.

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