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Men are taking a greater interest in their own appearance for a variety of reasons. Culture is shifting, meaning men are no longer expected to look rugged and weathered. Instead, a man’s softer and smoother skin is considered a plus. Additionally, the challenging job market can give men a reason to consider an elective procedure, ensuring they keep a competitive edge. Finally, as more men are becoming single later in life, non-surgical treatments can provide added confidence when reentering the dating market. No matter the reason, many guys are finding it easier to admit they would like to improve what they see reflected in the mirror.

Men’s skin requires just as much, if not more, management as women due to higher testosterone levels, more oil production, and courser skin, as well as shaving every day. The Boise Image Enhancement Centre providers understand that men are a fast-growing segment of the esthetic population and have different expectations than women who seek similar services. Men want to maintain a youthful appearance without looking for perfection. We also understand the unique structure of the male face and body as our staff have been working with men from around the country for over 3 decades offering minimally invasive treatments to keep them looking like the best version of themselves.

CoolSculpting is becoming very popular putting an end to “love handles” or the beer belly. Noninvasive procedures are growing in popularity for both men and women, as well. Injectables like Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and sclerotherapy have the excellent ability to erase wrinkles, restore lost facial volume and improve the spider veins without a lengthy recovery and remove unwanted body hair.

Nonsurgical techniques have little downtime and can even be completed during a lunch break, giving men the chance for self-improvement without anyone knowing they had a procedure performed. Boise Image also offers a multitude of topical skin care creams and lotions that help you maintain your skincare regimen at home or on the road!

Experience Counts!

Boise Image Enhancement Centre providers have over 3 decades of helping men look their best. BIEC’s staff of medical providers have successfully treated over 9,000 men and well over 100,000 total patients utilizing the area’s largest and most innovative array of esthetic and medical technologies. No other provider in the Treasure Valley has more expertise or has successfully completed more aesthetic procedures utilizing the newest technologies available. Your Boise Image providers are specialists in helping men achieve the youthful appearance they seek, all in confidential and private atmosphere!

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