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Boise Image Medi-Spa Services - Vein Treatment For Legs


Modern sclerotherapy is extremely effective for the treatment of leg veins, including unsightly spider veins and larger varicosities. The medical professionals of the Boise Vein Center located at Boise Image Enhancement Centre, utilize FDA approved solutions known as Sotradecol and Asclera. Low percentages of these solutions are used and have a very high safety profile.

The procedure is very gentle and easily performed right at the clinic. Complications are very rare and patients are universally pleased with the results of this procedure. The vessels appear to resolve well within a three week to three month healing phase. Usually one session is enough to achieve a 60% -70% improvement. Several sessions may be required, depending upon the number of vessels that need treatment and your personal goals. Most patients experience 90% -100% improvement by the end of the treatment sessions. After treatment, compression stockings are frequently recommended for one week as well as moderate exercise.

Leg Vein Treatment Before & After Photos
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