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Boise Image Medi-Spa Services - Vein Treatment For the Face

Facial Spider Veins & Broken Capillaries

Unsightly spider veins and red blotches on the face affect millions of people. While they may not be medical emergencies, many of our patients would like to be rid of these unattractive and sometimes embarrassing distractions to their natural beauty. Fortunately, our advanced technologies enable us to safely, easily and effectively treat these broken capillaries or facial spider veins.

Effective Laser Treatments

Today's new light and laser technology delivers precise dosages of energy to each vein, with a minimal risk to the skin. During these treatments, light energy is delivered to the targeted vein. The energy is then absorbed by the blood vessels. The heat/energy absorption causes a clogging of the blood vessel. The clogged vessel is then slowly absorbed by the body.

Lasers are the most effective treatment of facial spider veins. The most effective laser for treatment of rosacea and broken capillaries is the elos laser/radio-frequency system. The elos synergistic system is the most advanced and safest laser available. Usually multiple treatments are necessary for improvement of broken capillaries on the face. This laser is extremely safe and can be used without numbing cream as we chill the skill with an advanced cooling system applied directly to the skin during treatment. Broken capillaries can be improved and eradicated anywhere on the face including cheeks, nose, and the chin. The elos laser is designed so that the energy of the laser gets selectively absorbed by the broken capillaries resulting in their eradication.

The staff and Boise Image Enhancement Centre, Inc. and the Boise Vein Center specialize in the use of elos lasers to treat both facial veins and unsightly brown spots.

Facial Vein Treatment Before & After Photos
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