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What do clients of Boise Image Enhancement Centre, Inc. have to say?

Dear Connie & Boise Image Staff, My family and I are writing this note in sincere appreciation for what Connie and Morgann and really everyone their wonderful office do to make our lives beautifully better. We are three generation of woman who have recieved a variety of services. My daughter who has struggled with severe acne and as a result, low self-esteem, has litterally been given a gift that simple words cannot convey. The results have been nothing short of a miracle but my daughters confidence is what is truly inspiring. Her skin literally glows...Not just from the outside but also how she feels on the inside. Thank you Connie for your compassion and empathy. As for myself and my Mom, we are so grateful that we can both look into a mirror and feel that the age that is reflected back at us represents how we feel inside. My family would recommend anyone who is looking to feel and look their very best to give Boise Image a call today. You won't ever regret it! J.J., Eagle, ID

I am very grateful for all you've done for me. I feel like you've always gone the extra mile for me. I'm sure you hear thank-you every day. I thought it may be more sincere to write you to let you know your kindness and extra you give to me means the world. You work very hard and make people feel good about themselves on the inside and out...You are the best.
K.M., San Diego, CA

WEEEH! I love going to see you.  It's very exciting.
K.M., Boise ID

In all of my travels, I have never met a kinder group of people who love what they do, love working together and love life. You give such great treatments because your technique is excellent. I wish I wasn't so far away. Thank you for everything.
L. S., Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you so much for the nutriment blue oil. I love the blue oil and my skin feels so much better...You always seem to know exactly what my skin needs.
A.F., Boise ID

I just want to let you know I really like the Skin Defense Creme. I think my skin is tighter after using it. Also, the multi-vitamin face wash is just as great. Thanks.
A. G., McCall ID

You have been the greatest Godsend to me. I am forever so grateful to all of you.
M.W., Boise ID

I want to thank you both for all the joy you brought to my life this past year. You two are very special, caring and loving people....
R.H., Boise ID

I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me. I am so appreciative for everything. You have made such a difference in the way I feel about me as I enter this next stage of my life. Love ya!
K.W., Meridian ID

Dear Connie:
On December 19, 2003, I kept an appointment for a free consultation with you regarding my difficulties with a severe varicose vein problem in my left leg. For several years, the problem had been minimized by my primary care physician and by the specialist I saw in 1998 following an episode with a superficial blood clot in a major vein in that leg which closed the vein down. My leg and ankle edema, leg discomfort and small sporadically bleeding ulcers continued despite my wearing of "good quality support stockings from the Bon or somewhere" recommended by both doctors.

In an effort to seek more aggressive treatment on my own, I included your Center in my list of consults. Your initial free consult gave me more information, and relief than I had experienced in five years with doctors in a medical community that seemed not to take my symptoms seriously. You measured me for prescription Mediven stockings, pulled a pair from your stock for me to purchase and I went home a happy, comfortable woman. I have experienced virtually zero leg and ankle edema or discomfort and the bleeding ulcers are reduced to minor scabs the size of a pencil lead AND they continue to heal. You also gave me the names of reliable vascular surgeons for follow-up treatment.

I cannot thank you enough for your support and direction and for the extra time you spent to improve my situation initially and with follow-up guidance.

Thank you again to you and your staff, Connie. My hat is off to you for meeting a need the general medical community seems to ignore.
J.F., Boise ID

I wish to thank you for helping me eliminate my facial hair. I had many years of electrolysis and was getting nowhere getting rid of the hair. My hair follicles were very deep and the process didn't seem to work. Also, it was painful, time consuming and costly. My treated areas of hair removal were under my chin, lower lip and upper lip areas. ...Today, I feel liberated and not so self conscious about my appearance. I appreciate that Connie took the time to get to know my skin type before proceeding and thus avoiding scarring my face. I will speak positively of your business with others who are in the position of ridding their unwanted hair with confidence. Thank you,
J .T., Boise ID

I was a "sun tan freak" for 20 years. Little did I know what it would do to my face! It became blotchy and streaked with brown lines. I tried every product I could get my hands on, looking for something to "cover" it up. Nothing worked. I did Power Peels, Jessnar Peels and every other kind of peel there was. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars I decided to go ahead and do the last thing there was to do; "Laser Resurfacing". That cost me $3,000.00. It was supposed to soften the wrinkles, tighten the skin and take away the hyper-pigmentation. I used all the products that I was told to after this was done, I stayed out of the sun and did everything I was supposed to, but the spots came back. I was told that I would have a baby smooth, spotless face and I was more than disappointed! I'd spent all this money with nothing to show for it. Nothing!

I was listening to the radio one day and this commercial came on for Boise Image Enhancement Centre. I'm thinking to myself "another scam", people will do anything for a buck! I heard it several more times and decided to go ahead and call. I have to say, it was the BEST call I ever made. I met with Connie, told her everything I had done to my face over the years. She just smiled and shook her head at me. I told her " You're going to tell me that you have just the thing that's going to take it all away, right?" She told me "Yes I do". She told me that she could not only fix it but take it away. She guaranteed this would work. I told her in the nicest way I could "OK, I'll try this but if it doesn't work, I'll come looking for you."

It was a 16 week program. I bought what she told me to, did everything she said and within a month's time I could see the difference. I went to see her and I said " Look, I can't believe this." I was so excited I couldn't wait to show her! Finally, I didn't have to cake the make-up on, in fact I didn't have to wear make-up at all! I went in several times in the 16 week period to see her ( I never called, just popped in.) She was always available to see me, the times I did call, she always talked with me and if she was busy, she always called me back. Connie and all the girls in her office are "Real People". They know my first name and don't have to grab my chart to find it. How awesome is that! Not only do I see and feel the difference but so does everyone else I know. The services and products that Connie has to offer, really work! Seeing is believing and she made me a believer! Thanks Connie!
S.B., Boise ID

I have been extremely satisfied and pleased with the results of treatment received. Your professionalism, skill and genuine care for patients is to be applauded. I would like to acknowledge the extreme cordiality and competence of your staff who have made my visits very tolerable. I will refer anyone in need of your services for a consultation.
R.H., Boise ID

I wanted you to know how profoundly you affected my Mother. You encouraged her so much, she left here almost in tears with excitement. She was thrilled about the procedure of hair removal, but your attitude made her feel as beautiful as I know she is. Thank you for taking care of my mom.
R.W., Boise ID

I wish to express my gratitude to you for the excellent results of the PhotoDerm VL Treatments to my facial spider veins. Prior to treatment, my facial complexion had the appearance of acne rosacea, which was most difficult to cover, even with heavy cosmetics. After treatment, with light cover of foundation, I have no sign of the facial spider veins. I even venture out, on occasion, with no make-up at all, something that would not have occurred prior to treatment. I commend you for your gentle, yet confident and knowledgeable manner in which you have administered the therapy, as well as consultation regarding the expected outcome. How fortunate we are to have you in our Treasure Valley Medical community. Keep up the good work.
D.B., Caldwell ID

Just a little note to say thank you for the great job your clinic did with my sclerotherapy treatment. I am really pleased with the appearance of my legs and they don't ache anymore. Thank you for being honest with me about exercise and wearing support hose. I definitely had a positive experience with you and the Boise Image Enhancement Centre. Your staff was always friendly and ready to help. Thank you again.
G.L., Boise ID

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I am so pleased with the results! I hope you enjoy the cookies. Thanks again!
C.M., Boise ID

Thanks for all the special things you do but, most of all, thanks for being you. You are wonderful! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you do to help slow down the wrinkles and the aging process. You are my Miracle!
B.L., Boise ID

Connie, I wanted you to know how profoundly you affected my Mother. You encouraged her so much, she left here almost in tears with excitement. She was thrilled about the procedure of hair removal, but your attitude made her feel as beautiful as I know she is. Thank you for taking care of my mom.
RW, Boise ID

I would like to tell you how much the Private Reserve line of skin care and Boise Image Enhancement Center means to me. I have had skin problems in one form or another and now in my forties, I battle moderate/severe adult acne, moderate cystic acne, melasma, scarring and wrinkles!
 The day I found a pimple in a wrinkle was the worst! I had begun to accept the fact that I was going to die with bad skin. No more! Since using the their line of skin care products, I have much fewer breakouts and they are not as severe and heal faster. My skin texture is smoother and brighter. The hyper-pigmentation is almost gone and the wrinkles have softened.
 The best compliment and true testament comes from my husband. We were sitting together and he was inches from my face touching my skin. He said "Wow! I like your new make-up. It makes your skin look smooth." The wonderful part was that the only make-up I had on was a sheer concealer dabbed on the healing spots! At first I didn't understand, but what that means is that my skin has smoothed, cleared and evened out.

I have spent thousands of dollars and hours on my skin over the years and thanks to your line and the Boise Image Enhancement Center, my skin war has been won. I can say " No! I won't die with bad skin! Thank you, so much!
D.S., Boise ID

I have been extremely satisfied and pleased with the results of treatment received. Your professionalism, skill and genuine care for patients is to be applauded. I would like to acknowledge the extreme cordiality and competence of your staff who have made my visits very tolerable. I will refer anyone in need of your services for a consultation.
R.H., Boise ID

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the amazing skin care services you provided me with over the last several months. I have already noticed a marked improvement-especially after the laser treatment. I already knew how talented you are based on my mom's experience, but I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience your expertise myself. There are not enough thanks to convey my gratitude. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you next time I'm in Boise.
J.L., Washington, D.C.

Thank you for calming my fears of having my lips treated. I have always hated the look of women with really big, obvious lips and you were so patient with my 'split-personality' about my own lips. "I hate how old they look, but I don't want them to be big and obvious." When you gently talked me into trying a little filler in them, I was still afraid.  All I can say now is:  I love the way they look!  My lips are SO PRETTY!
A.E., Salt Lake City, Utah

Again, I can't find the words to express how grateful I am to all of you at Boise Image Enhancement Center. I feel like I'm in a wonderful dream and someone needs to pinch me and wake me up. For many years I have been ashamed of my complexion. Teenage acne, chicken pox at age 25 and pregnant and a physically abusive ex-husband all plagued me and showed on my face.  You have helped me overcome years of painful, mental suffering over the scars on my face. Thank you.
R. H., Boise ID

Thanks for all you do for me! I appreciate how you are always ready to listen and follow up with helpful and supportive advice and tools--from puppy training to child-rearing! On top of all that, I look years younger because of your talented hands!
M.P., Boise ID

Just a little reminder that you are the best! We really love and appreciate you.
P and C, Boise, ID

You are definitely my best kept secret. I love it when I get to Boise and see you. You are so talented that when I get back the NY, my friends all comment that my vacation took 10 years off my face! Some day I may have to tell them that it is YOU that takes 10 years off my face every time I come to see you! Thank you for being so flexible in your schedule.
P. J., New York, NY

How funny! Both my husband and I have been sneaking in to see you for Botox over the last several years and we never told each other! Because we live out of state, it never crossed my mind that my husband would be having treatments whenever we came to Boise.  It was such a surprise to see my husband in your waiting room when I came in to make my appointment. He was sheepish when he admitted he liked getting his wrinkles zapped! No wonder he looks so young. He has been seeing you.
T.R., San Antonio, TX

Love the Xeomin I had done last month. Not a wrinkle to be found on this brow!
A.T., Las Vegas, NV

Love my lips. They look so young that I actually feel younger. You are the best!
C.J, Las Vegas, NV

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