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Boise Image Medi-Spa Products - Private Reserve

Boise Image Enhancement Centre is proud to provide you with our own line of complete skin care products made to our exacting specifications.  Clients love them so we would encourage you to take a second look and give us a try.
Private Reserve
Gentle foaming plant saponins, lipid-rich plant oils and energizing plant extracts take the place of traditional soap, sulfates and mineral oil found in other cleansers to give you a refreshingly clean experience.

Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion
Slightly to Extremely Dry Skin
Rich, natural oils of Rose, Kukui, Jojoba and Green Tea in a luscious, skin-softening lotion dissolve makeup and other impurities in seconds.

Multi-Vitamin Purifying Face Wash
Undernourished, All Skin Types
Bursting with Vitamins A, C, D and E, this extra gentle foaming lotion – enriched with nourishing oils of Soy, Avocado and Evening Primrose, - purifies pores with its soft, lush, cushiony lather.

Panthenol Cleanser
Combination, Slightly Dry, Dehydrated Skin
Richly foaming, soap-free gel helps hydrate dry, dehydrated skin during the cleansing process.  Hydrating Panthenol protects from moisture loss while dirt, makeup and dulling dead cells are rinsed from skin’s surface.  Our most popular cleanser!

Pore-Clearing Cleanser
Oily, Acne-Prone
Extra-strength oil-dissolving cleanser with purifying Tea Tree, Sage, Thyme and Eucalyptus keeps pores clean down deep – where problems begin.  This unique moisture-protecting formula leaves skin fresh and supple, controlling the appearance of blemishes before they become a problem.

Skin Prep Cleanser
This blend of three Fruit Acids- Lactic, Citric and Tartaric – in a gently foaming, deep cleansing base quickly sweeps away unwanted residue that can clog pores, prevent absorption of AHAs and other beneficial ingredients.  Makes leave-on skin treatments more effective.

Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Lotion
Normal to Dry Sensitive Complexions
Gently dissolve makeup and other impurities without disturbing skin’s protective barrier with this water-rinseable lotion.  Skin feels remarkably clean, fresh and moist, without the signs of irritation seen with other cleansing systems.  Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity.

Refine pores, refresh moisture and restore pH after cleansing- toners complete the cleansing experience while preparing the way for moisturizers and special treatments.

Bioflavonoid Toner
Dry, Sun Damaged, Couperose
Reddened or couperose skin responds quickly to this concentrate of Vitamin C and Lemon Bioflavonoids- two of nature’s best agents to control dry, sensitive complexions plagued by red, spider-like veins.  Helps reduce redness, softens rough areas.  Alcohol-free.

Oil Neutralizing Astringent
Soothing extracts of Green Tea and Licorice, bacteria fighting Eucalyptus and Lavender, and oil-neutralizing organic Sulfur refine oily skin for improved pore texture and color clarity in seconds.  Skin feels fresh, soft and perfectly balanced.  Alcohol-free.

Pore-Purifying Astringent
Acne-Prone Skin
Refreshing, exfoliating astringent helps dry blemishes without drying skin.  Purifying Tea tree, Sag, Thyme and Eucalyptus work within the pores to manage oiliness while low-dose Salicylic Acid helps skin stay clear and healthy-looking – so breakouts are les likely.

Visibly Moist Toner
For Dry, Dehydrated Skin
Hydrate dry skin in seconds with this refreshing blend of Lavender and Rose, natural Sugars, hydrating Panthenol, and biocompatible Copper complex.  Instantly saturates parched skin by capturing cooling moisture deep within skin layers – where moisture is needed most.  Alcohol-free.

Soothe, smooth and retexturize, these light to luxurious crèmes and lotions go beyond moisturizing to help skin thrive morning and night

Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Crème
For Extremely Dry Complexions
Extra-strength, luxuriously rich crème revives comfort instantly as it helps direct the repair of skin’s protective barrier down deep – where damage begins.  Calming Plant extracts soothe visible redness and other signs of sensitivity, while targeted antioxidants control signs of aging that appear earlier than normal in sensitive skin.  Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin.

Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Fluid
Normal, Slightly Oily to Slightly Dry Sensitive Skin
This lightweight, deeply moisturizing fluid is specially formulated for sensitive skin.  Lipid-rich plant oils support the repair of protective bio-lipids in sensitive skin while calming plant extracts soothe redness and targeted antioxidants control signs of aging that appear earlier than normal in sensitive complexions.  Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity.

Continuous Moisture Crème
Extremely Dry Skin
Luscious, light-feeling crème communicates with cells deep in skin to deliver strong barrier repair and revive skin’s own moisture-holding capacity within 5 to 9 days.  Super hydrators feed continuous bursts of moisture between parched skin cells to rehydrate surface lines and creepiness within seconds.

Moisture Perfecting Crème
Slightly Dry Skin
Lightweight, dual-moisturizing formula actually “reprograms” slightly dry and dehydrated skin to measurably retain more moisture for immediate, long-lasting results.

Moisture Replenishing Crème
Combination, Slightly Dry, Slightly Oily
This buttery (yet utterly greaseless) cream helps normalize oily skin in only 15 days and dry skin before 45 days.  Saturated with three types of moisturizing, age-fighting Vitamin E, Vitamin A and stabilized Vitamin C, this crème forms a reservoir of moisture that lasts up to 20 hours.

Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid
Oily to Normal, Sensitive Skin
This intelligent moisturizer reprograms skin to hold more moisture – without adding oil!  Water-filled MoistureZomes penetrate deep between skin cells – deeper than water can travel on its own – to deliver bursts of moisture for hours of comfort.  DexPanthenol – the chirally-correct for of ProVitamin B5 – reprograms skin’s moisture content at a cellular level.

Stress Recovery Lotion
Oily, Stressed
Oil-free, fast-acting lotion saturated with the ingredients stressed skin needs to act normally again.  Calms, protects, helps normalize blotchy, irritated-looking skin.

Skin Defense Crème
Environmentally Exposed, Laser Treated
Protect skin from harsh environments and climate extremes with this lightweight barrier crème. Exclusive antioxidant complex neutralizes free radicals on contact. Forms an excellent barrier over laser-treated skin. Fragrance-free.

The PowerPlexes™
Blend, layer or use alone…these 8 high potency concentrates let you customize every sin treatment and homecare program to meet your individual needs.

Activating Liposome Complex with Soluble Beta Glucans
Helps skin Correct Itself
Multiple Imperfections, Mature, Acne-Prone, Stressed Skin
  • Supports the skin’s own repair processes
  • Results are visible within 24 hours
  • Helps correct red or yellow skin tones.
  • Strengthens skin from within for renewed firmness and fewer visible lines.
  • Helps clear blemished skin.
Advanced Firming Complex
Extra-Strength Firming Starts within Days
Mature, Menopausal Skin
  • Skin feels immediately tighter and firmer.
  • Visibly firms in just 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Results continue to build – where lasers, peels and injections do not.
  • Use with medical treatments as part of a total anti-aging strategy.
Moisture Boost HydraGel
Maximizes Moisture For Moisture-Poor Skin
Dehydrated, Oily
  • Skin is instantly moister and more comfortable.
  • Returns supple flexibility within seconds; lasts for hours.
  • Makes moisturizers more moisturizing.
Nutriment Blue Oil
Vitamin/PhytoLipid Complex Reprograms Dry Skin
Lipid-Dry, Mature
  • Instantly customizes treatments in the palm of your hand.
  • Super-chartges masques, moisturizers and other PowerPlexes – in moments.
  • Lets you adapt your skin care system as you skin changes.
  • Reprograms dry skin for lon-lasting softness and immediate comfort.
  • Exclusive blend of hybrid Sunflower, Kukui, Evening Primrose, Borage and other barrier-repair plant oils; Vitamins A, C, D & E; and calming essential oils of Lavandin, Petitgrain, Amyris and blue Azulene from Roman Chamomile.
Oxygen Boosting Complex
Speeds Response to Skin Treatments
Mature, Irregular Skin Tone, Oxygen-Poor
  • Supercharges skin’s response time to treatment.
  • Dramatically boosts results.
  • Builds resistance to visible aging.
  • Supports skin’s ability to renew and repair itself.
  • Normalizes “smokers skin”
  • For skin over 30.
Triple C & E Complex
For Dun Damaged Skin
Sun Damaged, Clogged Pores
  • Noticeably smoothes lines.
  • Improves uneven skin color.
  • Discourages blackheads.
  • No-sting, stable formula prolongs vitamin action.
High Performance Treatments
Whether the goal is to nourish, correct, prevent or protect, these ultra-high performance treatments deliver real improvements to your skin in a matter of days to weeks.

Age-Limit Advanced Resurfacing Serum
All Skin Types, Aging, Problem Skin, Clogged, Sun Damaged
Put a limit on the signs of age. Minimize visible imperfections within days with this next generation of AHA. Special patented AHAminoPlex molecule ensures maximum delivery without penetrating skin's zone of irritation. More effective and comfortable - even on skin that has never been able to tolerate AHAs before.

Clear Skin Triple Fruit Acid
AHA-Treated: Oily, Acne Prone, Mature
Quick-penetrating gel blended with tree Fruit Acids – Lactic, Citric and Tartaric – helps keep skin blemish-free, reduces oiliness, softens fine, aging lines.  Smoothes the course, uneven texture associated with acne.

Endurance Age-Control Crème Advanced
Slightly Dry, Normal, Menopausal & Peri-Menopausal
High-potency Soy Isoflavones- the first phytoestrogen compounds proven to support skin-s collagen network – are blended with Phytoestrogen-rich Plant extracts, a soothing compound from Licorice and barrier-perfecting Phospholipids to provide a technologically advanced system of calming age-control.  Lightweight formula.

Endurance Age-Control Crème
Extremely Dry, Menopausal
Ultra-rich formula helps control sighs of aging due to menopause in extremely dry skin.  Contains Phytoestrogen-rich Plant extracts, plus 10% Wild Yam extract standardized with phytoestogen, diosgenin.  After just 24 hours, skin feels remarkably moist, supple and rejuvenated.

 Hydrating Vitamin Crème
Undernourished, Dehydrated
Stable Vitamin C - created with advanced technology - ensures maximum benefit and delivery to the skin. Vitamin A Palmitate, combined with three forms of Vitamin E, protect from aging free radicals while creating a moisture reservoir between skin cells that lasts up to 20 hours.

Retinol ReSurfacing Complex
For Crow’s Feet, Laugh Lines & Uneven Skin Tone
Time-released Retinol – the purest form of anti-aging Vitamin A – blends with Glucosamine, a skin-renewing non-acid sugar complex, to gently smooth surface wrinkles, even skin tone and restore skin’s youthful texture.  Matrixyl™ Peptides, proven to reduce as much as 68% of visible wrinkling within 2 to 6 months, adds extra-strength age-fighting.  Rough, dry, flaky skin is softened in seconds, lines around the mouth and eyes are smoothed over time, age spots, sun spots and discoloration from inflammation seem to fade within weeks.  Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity.  Ophthalmologist-approved for use around eyes.

Shine-Free Solution
Slightly to Extremely Oily
Absorb excess oil throughout the day while soothing blemished skin problems.  Gentle but effective, this light, quickly absorbed gel may be worn under makeup, oil-free moisturizer or alone.  Alcohol and fragrance free.
  • Shrinks the appearance of pores in minutes
  • Shine-control formula keeps makeup in place for hours
  • Unique herbal formula helps prevent breakouts
Skin Smoothers
Reveal more perfect, younger, more vibrant skin in seconds with these exfoliating polishes ranging from extra gentle to exceptionally gritty.

Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasion Crème
Sun Damaged, Enlarged Pores, Acne-Scarred
Microcrystals of volcanic pumice suspended in a soothing, conditioning crème instantly uncover fresh, new skin, reduce enlarged pores, soften dark spots, dramatically smooth fine facial lines and soften acne and other scars in little as two weeks.  Ideal for people who cannot afford – or whose skin cannot tolerate – machine treatments, or who want to prolong the effects of professional microdermabrasion.

The Ultimate Scrub
Dry, Mature
Gentle micrograins refine skin to a new clarity and smoother surface while this moisturizing scrub keeps the complexion supple and comfortable throughout the exfoliation process.  Unlike other scrubs that contain large, sharp or hard-to-rinse granuals.  The Ultimate Scrub leaves skin feeling exceptionally soft for 2-3 days.  Buffs away fine lines, diminishes coarse or enlarged pores, and helps slow signs of aging.

Masques & Activators
Refresh.  Revitalize.  Rehydrate.  Renourish.  Refirm. Regardless of what you need, these masques produce visible results in just minutes.

Facial Contour Masque
All Skin Types, Mature, Acne-prone, Rough, Clogged Pores, Sun-Damaged, Lacking in Firmness
Six results from one masque:  dramatically firm facial contours, visibly smooth deep lines, clear pores, reveal fresh cells, revitalize listless skin, clear deep down impurities.  Powered blend of firming Proteins and the exfoliating plant enzyme, papain, makes skin look and act more like healthy, young skin in just minutes.  Blend with activators or toners for a variety of results.  One of the most versatile masques you’ll ever use.

Peptide & C Firming Activator
Lacking Firmness, Visible Signs of Aging
Instantly lift, firm and redefine your skin with this exclusive complex of firming sweet almond protein, wrinkle-fighting Vitamin C, and skin-strengthening algae extracts.  Blend with Facial Contour Masque to see improvement within minutes.

Moisture Infusion Crème Masque
Slightly to Extremely Dry Skin
Within minutes, infuse dry, dehydrated skin with long-lasting moisture, comfort-restoring plant oils and soothing plant extracts.

Soothing Gelle Masque
All Skin Types: Sensitive, Dehydrated Visibly Irritated
Cooling Gel of soothing herbs, hydrating panthenol and a calming licorice complex brings relief to sensitive, dehydrated or acne-prone skin within minutes.  Fragrance Free.

Eye & Lip Care
Lightweight gels or luscious crèmes, pick the right eye treatments to dramatically help diminish the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and other eye area challenges.

Decircling Serum
Dark under eye circles, puffiness
Refreshing multi-peptide gel firms and smoothes tired-looking eyes in seconds and visibly relieves dark circles and puffiness in days to weeks

Firm & Repair Throat Crème
Loss of Firmness, Mature, Aging, Menopausal
All Skin Types to Dry: Requiring Firmness, Softness
Firm and repair age-sensitive regions of the throat, jawline, and décolletage with this multi-peptide, rapidly absorbing, velvety soft crème.
  • Rich in skin-sculpting peptides
  • Luxurious creme supplies this often neglected area what it needs
  • Visibly combats wrinkles & loss of firmness
Firming Peptide Eye Crème
Normal to Dry: Lacking Firmness, Aging, Mature, Dry
Firm weakened, sagging skin around the eyes and smooth under eye puffiness with this blend of natural extracts working with the latest collagen-protection technology.  Lines and shadows seem to disappear while an extra-strength algae extract delivers moisture to the dehydrated eye area without adding weighty oils.

Lip Remodeling Treatment
Rough, Dry Aging Lips
Volumizing, emollient OligoPeptide formula repairs signs of aging for fuller, smoother, more hydrated lips without irritation. The skin on the lips is more delicate than anywhere else on the face and needs extra care against aging. As lips age, the skin’s thin protective barrier becomes even thinner. This also has an effect on moisture retention, which diminishes with age as well. Add to this the reduction in lip volume as estrogen declines during menopause, and lips didn’t have a chance – until now.
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