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Boise Image Medi-Spa Services - Clear Light™ - Acne
The ClearLight™ system is a unique therapeutic light that treats moderate inflammatory acne. It uses the innovative Acne PhotoClearing™ technology to destroy bacteria that causes acne... quickly and easily in four weeks

  • ClearLight is one of the safest acne treatments available.
  • No known side effects.
  • Typical treatment sessions are 15 minutes long twice a week over 4 weeks.
Acne Skin Care Alternatives

Studies indicate that most people will experience some form of acne in their life time.

Acne usually begins during adolescence but often continues into adulthood. Hormonal changes cause the enlargement and blocking of oil-producing sebaceous glands near the hair follicle within the skin.

Acne usually begins with an abnormal amount of bacteria, which typically causes painful pimples that can appear on the face, chest, back, arms and legs. Acne can produce life-long scars, both physically and emotional.

Traditional acne treatments can have a variety of side effects. Topical therapies like creams and lotions often cause redness, irritation and/or peeling.

Oral therapies, like antibiotics, may have other side effects. Both require at least 3 months of continuous treatments and can be very expensive. Conditions often become worse before improving.

We offer alternative treatments that may improve acne without the use of antibiotics or creams that leave your skin red and peeling. The type of alternative treatment will depend upon the type and severity of acne you have.

ClearLight Treatment Before & After Photos

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ClearLight FAQs
ClearLight FAQ's
ClearLight Brochure
ClearLight Brochure

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